The particle therapy

Particle therapy is a form of radiation therapy that allows precise and targeted treatment of complex tumors. This is made possible by the special dose distribution of the particles, which allows a steep dose fall-off outside the irradiation area. This spares the healthy surrounding tissue as much as possible and minimizes undesired side effects.

The Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT) at the University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg is one of only two centers in Germany providing heavy ion radiation with carbon ions beside proton radiation to destroy tumor tissue.

In comparison to photon, but also proton radiation, the special feature of carbon ion therapy is the significantly higher biological effectiveness due to the much more intense energy release to the irradiated tissue (so-called high LET effect). In this way, good treatment results can be achieved even for tumors that are considered as resistant to radiation All patients who are referred to the MIT for treatment or combined therapy are presented and discussed in the context of interdisciplinary tumor boards with special focus on particle therapy.