About us

The Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT)

The Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center (MIT) provides an innovative technology for treatment of tumors. In this context, charged ions are used for radiation instead of photons that are usually applied in radiotherapy. Until now, more than 850 patients have undergone therapy at the MIT.

At the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center, irradiation is performed with hydrogen ions (protons) as well as carbon ions. The treatment with protons and carbon ions is highly effective and provides new treatment options for patients suffering from tumors that up to now were difficult to control by means of radiotherapy. Therefore, the application of particle radiation allows tumor treatment with extensive or very complex irradiation volumes with at the same time optimal protection of high-risk organs such as the optic nerve, heart, lung, liver, or kidneys.

The clinical routine is managed by the University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg (UKGM). In the context of treatment at the UKGM, you receive a patient-oriented, individually adapted recommendation of therapy that is based on the current guidelines of the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft). Together with all specialists involved, we look for the best therapy in the context of interdisciplinary tumor boards.

For this purpose, the interdisciplinary cancer center “Anneliese Pohl Comprehensive Cancer Center“ was founded at the University Hospital of Marburg. In the context of this center, the Department of Radiotherapy and Radiooncology at the UKGM is involved as treatment partner in all organ centers certified by the German Cancer Society. All patients transferred to the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center for treatment or co-treatment, are presented and discussed in the context of an interdisciplinary particle tumor board at the UKGM.