Treatment units

At the MIT, four treatment units are available. Their equipment is nearly identical. In the first three rooms, the beam release is horizontal, in the fourth room, radiation is performed in an angle of 45° in cases of certain indications.

The correct and accurate positioning of the patient is assured with a system consisting of a table robot, a ceiling robot, and complex software that is conceived for therapy. The table robot may drive the table into the planned position with a sub-millimeter precision. Prior to each radiation, the staff verifies by means of the x-ray system of the ceiling robot if the patient is correctly positioned on the table and if needed the position is corrected.

The patient is positioned on the radiation table that is adjusted by a computer-based robot.

Control of the position: Prior to radiation, images are created with a digital, also robot-based x-ray system. Software compares these images with the digitally reconstructed x-ray images based on radiation planning CT datasets in order to ensure exact adjustment of the patient.