Architecture of the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center

The most important psychological barrier of seriously sick patients is certainly entering into a sterile hospital. In order to take the fear from the patients during treatment at the MIT, a unique architecture was chosen for the Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Center.

The experts of “hammeskrause architekten” wanted to focus on the technical elements and explain their approach as follows:

“The particularity is the coordination of a linear accelerator, a synchrotron, and beam guidance to the units where the patients are positioned before the ion beam by means of robots. Taking the perspective of the patient, we wanted to place these technical elements outside the focus. The patient is welcomed with a nearly overwhelming gesture of openness. The side of the building where the main entrance is located is a single opening, generous, wide, and glazed. Due to this directness, it is possible to quasi hide the technical body of the construction. In addition, it is a distinctive landmark. The more the spatial narrowness has to increase for therapeutic reasons, the more the narrowing room is enlarged by architectural means.”

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